20 Weeks Pregnant Update + Gender Reveal!

It is amazing to me that this pregnancy is halfway over already! Since the anxiety of the first trimester passed I’ve been truly enjoying my growing bump and all the wonderful flutters I’m feeling in my belly. We try to tell Aurelia frequently about her baby sibling in mommy’s tummy and teach her about being gentle with babies and baby dolls. She’s taken lately to pushing her baby doll around the house in her pink shopping cart and I can’t help but think she’s mimicking pushing a baby in a stroller. She’s going to be a great big sister!

An update as we reach the halfway mark of this pregnancy and GENDER REVEAL!

How Far Along: 21 weeks

The Baby Is: The length of a carrot.

Picking A Name: Poor Hayden has so much anxiety about the baby’s name – and I don’t! I picked Aurelia’s name when I was 7 or 8 months pregnant with her and Hayden picked her middle name, so I promised him we would do it the opposite this time. I stressed a lot about picking her name but you know how everyone tells you it will just come to you and it sounds like a load of bologna? Well, in my case at least that was true so I’m happy to bide my time until a name comes to us.

How I’m Feeling: Just as the arrival of my second trimester ushered out my nausea and morning sickness symptoms it ushered in the all too familiar sciatic-like pain I experienced when I was pregnant with Aurelia. Staying active and being mindful of how I bend and carry things, and visiting the chiropractor if it becomes unbearable, helps to keep me going. Aside from that and a little heartburn I’m feeling pretty good!

Weight Gain: 9 pounds.

What I’m Eating/Craving: My eating is just about back to normal now, meaning I can stand the sights and smells of things other than breakfast foods again. I realized I was getting a bit lazy about eating “well” when I had some… ahh, difficulties so lots of water, fruit, and salads were called for. My cravings remain the same – waffles from IHop at 9pm and I had to have Red Robin for my birthday after seeing someone else mention it on Instagram.

Can’t Live Without: My walking-on-a-cloud New Balance‘s, or as Hayden calls them my “mom shoes”. When I wear flats/sandals for a couple hours I can feel it in my bones but when I wear these babies I can go all day. I keep Tums and melatonin on my nightstand for heartburn flare ups and those nights when my 3 am trip to the bathroom makes it impossible to fall back asleep.

Finding Out The Gender: As I mentioned in my First Trimester Update I didn’t want to find out this baby’s gender – or so I thought! But once the results of the genetic testing were in and the gender was identified whether I knew it or not I found I really wanted to know. With Aurelia we knew she was a girl. We knew years before we ever decided to have children and by the time I got pregnant with her we felt it was already written in the stars. With this baby neither of us had a gut feeling but I did have a dream shortly before the results were in and my dream was correct 🙂

We waited until our anatomy scan at 19 weeks to confirm – thank goodness the results were the same…

It’s a boy! We couldn’t be happier!

Halfway Mark Thoughts: I’m finding all kinds of things to worry about that I have no control over at this stage. Breastfeeding is on my mind so much that it’s even in my dreams. My breastfeeding relationship with Aurelia didn’t last as long as I would have liked and I have always felt it was my fault. I did my research then but I also thought it would “come naturally” so this time I’m learning everything I can in order to be prepared. Another worry is being away from Aurelia while we are in the hospital having the baby. We’ve never been away from her for a night and I’m going to miss her terribly!

An update as we reach the halfway mark of this pregnancy and GENDER REVEAL!