Meal Plan Monday #3

Last week was all about easy meals. Big batches, short prep times, and lots of recipes that held up to freezing for later consumption. I hope you’ll find something to try! Disclaimer: I eat a mostly vegetarian diet, my husband is low-carb, and our 1 year old daughter eats a little bit of everything. Breakfast Cheesy […]

Meal Plan Monday #2

Finally, another Meal Plan Monday! We’ve been doing great with our grocery shopping until a couple weeks ago – that’s when Hayden had back to back upper respiratory infections and Aurelia’s pneumonia was followed by double ear infections! Needless to say I didn’t make it to the grocery store and we blew our grocery budget […]

February Debt Recap

Cold and dreary February is over and it’s beginning to look like spring! February really busted our chops, and not just the cold weather. Murphy hit us in the form of multiple illnesses and a flat tire plus a friend’s baby shower that we knew was coming but neglected to plan for. Add that all […]

Aurelia’s Birth Story

What a busy week it has been! Between planning for our daughter’s birthday party while simultaneously making sure she recovered from pneumonia and Hayden putting in extra hours at work it feels like we have been going non-stop. Now that the hubbub is over and we can rest a little, in honor of Aurelia’s first […]

January Debt Recap

Phew, January is finally over! Did anyone else feel like it just dragged on and on? (Did you see the memes?) It was long but it was a great month! We started the year finishing up our Christmas break and taking care of flu-ridden family members and (almost) avoiding getting sick ourselves. The end of January/beginning […]

Are We On the Dave Plan?

Are you familiar with Dave Ramsey’s baby steps? You can read all about them in The Total Money Makeover. Here’s a quick overview: Baby Step 1: Save $1,000 cash in a beginner emergency fund. Baby Step 2: Pay down ALL your debt but the house using the snowball method. Baby Step 3: Build your beginner emergency […]

2018 Intentions

I’m a little late with this as we’re already nearly two weeks into 2018! It feels good to have 2017 in the rearview and this brand new horizon to look forward to. With a new year comes new hopes and dreams and this year Hayden and I decided to set intentions rather than resolutions to help […]