And Then There Were Four

I’m so excited to be sharing this news with you! As you may have read in the March Debt Recap, we had a potential “storm” on the horizon when it came to our finances. Well this news is anything BUT a storm in our lives – we’re expecting baby number two this year! We still don’t […]

Meal Plan Monday #5

Last week’s meal planning was one of my more successful weeks lately. I budget $100 week for my family of three for groceries and I ended up using so many things we already had on hand that I only spent about $60! I’m trying to reduce the amount of food (aka money) we throw away and […]

April Debt Recap

We went a little YOLO in April – do you guys ever do that with your spending? We’ve got this perfect budget but something unexpected (but “necessary”) comes up. That one unplanned expense leads to more and more because hey, if the budget’s already blown we may as well live it up! Starting to sound […]

Meal Plan Monday #3

Last week was all about easy meals. Big batches, short prep times, and lots of recipes that held up to freezing for later consumption. I hope you’ll find something to try! Disclaimer: I eat a mostly vegetarian diet, my husband is low-carb, and our 1 year old daughter eats a little bit of everything. Breakfast Cheesy […]

March Debt Recap

Happy Easter everyone! March was a month of financial changes for us. For the first time ever we are claiming more than zero on our W-4s! We used the IRS Withholding Calculator to determine exactly what we need to claim so that we don’t owe any taxes OR pay too much and so far it looks […]

Meal Plan Monday #2

Finally, another Meal Plan Monday! We’ve been doing great with our grocery shopping until a couple weeks ago – that’s when Hayden had back to back upper respiratory infections and Aurelia’s pneumonia was followed by double ear infections! Needless to say I didn’t make it to the grocery store and we blew our grocery budget […]

February Debt Recap

Cold and dreary February is over and it’s beginning to look like spring! February really busted our chops, and not just the cold weather. Murphy hit us in the form of multiple illnesses and a flat tire plus a friend’s baby shower that we knew was coming but neglected to plan for. Add that all […]

Aurelia’s Birth Story

What a busy week it has been! Between planning for our daughter’s birthday party while simultaneously making sure she recovered from pneumonia and Hayden putting in extra hours at work it feels like we have been going non-stop. Now that the hubbub is over and we can rest a little, in honor of Aurelia’s first […]