July 2018 Debt Recap

Whew, are we really halfway through August already? Back to school is just around the corner, but before we dive into all that let’s see how July went and how we’re doing on our debt free journey. As with every month July had it’s ups and downs. We celebrated my birthday (yay!) by taking a […]

June 2018 Debt Recap

I cannot believe it’s July already! The 4th of July is just around the corner as well as my birthday (the 14th) and our third wedding anniversary on August 1st! And this month marks 20 weeks or halfway through this pregnancy. Time is flying by! I’m really pleased with how things went financially in June. […]

Meal Plan Monday #6

Is it hot where you are? Because it’s been 100 degrees here more often than not lately and the combination of 100 degrees outside and a 400 degree oven inside is just not appealing to me! We’re going on a month of cooking creative meals that require no oven and I’ve rounded up some of our favorites […]

First Trimester Update

As the first trimester is drawing to a close I’ve been reflecting a bit on how this pregnancy has been different from (and yet the same as) my first. For one thing the time has flown by as opposed to us waiting for what felt like an eternity for the first OB appointment the first […]

May 2018 Debt Recap

Happy June! We are so excited for the longer, slower days that summer brings especially with a toddler that can now enjoy a lot of fun summer activities! May was an alright month in terms of budgeting and saving. We started off the month with an unexpected trip to the clinic for our daughter and […]

Meal Plan Monday #5

Last week’s meal planning was one of my more successful weeks lately. I budget $100 week for my family of three for groceries and I ended up using so many things we already had on hand that I only spent about $60! I’m trying to reduce the amount of food (aka money) we throw away and […]

April 2018 Debt Recap

We went a little YOLO in April – do you guys ever do that with your spending? We’ve got this perfect budget but something unexpected (but “necessary”) comes up. That one unplanned expense leads to more and more because hey, if the budget’s already blown we may as well live it up! Starting to sound […]

Meal Plan Monday #4

I’m calling this edition of Meal Plan Monday “oldies but goodies”. We made a lot of simple, comfort food meals that I know by heart and frankly, I learned from my momma! If you’re trying to save money on food, eating at home is a must. Here are my tips before you head to the grocery […]